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Groom & Co with our expert team can help you with everything in regards to Metal roofing whether it’s a small repair or roofing for a brand-new building.
With 48 years of experience in roofing field we make sure to give the best service, because your satisfied smile is our priceless gift. Call on 08081234562 to speak to our roofing team regarding your needs any time on any day. Our roofing rates are fixed and competitive so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.
In case of any repairs, first we conduct a complete survey and our roofing experts will let you know the cost estimate and we let you decide how much you spend.

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Why Metal Roofing or Metal Profile Sheet?

Metal profile sheet system is a reliable and efficient solution for building envelopes of single story buildings. Through years, these systems have evolved to highly developed systems used with industrial, retrial and leisure applications from the single skin metal cladding often associated with agricultural buildings. However, as with all its construction components, the ability of the cladding depends on its correct specification and installation to satisfy its functional requirements.
As Metal profile sheets are metal structural members they can have different profiles, with different thickness and different heights, Our Groom & Co specialist can use them for a large variety of buildings, from a simple industrial building to a high demand design building.
Specific manufacturers offer profiles that covers a total of approx. 60 profile shapes with different heights.
Due to their versatility in design and mechanical properties Metal profile sheets can be used as roof and roof cladding, as floor, as external walls and wall cladding. They can be used in both new construction and rehabilitation in industrial and residential sector.

Metal profile sheets are best for:

  • Public buildings
  • Sports buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Offices and administration buildings
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • High design demand buildings
  • Residential house
  • Power plants