4 Most Important Things You Should Look Out for on Your Flat Roof

The most important system on your home is the roof and the most popular roofing options out there is a flat designed system. Just like any other roof, the flat roof will have to be maintained and repaired in order to keep it at its best.

The following are few tips on how to maintain the flat roof you have :

Roof Cleaning: Keep your roof free from the debris like Garbage, pop cans, tools, soil, branches, leaves etc in order to prevent any kind of damage. Debris like these can puncture the roofing membrane forever. Knocking off the debris from the roof can help you in eliminating the dangers it can cause. Especially if your roof is having a problem with the branches of the tree, Think of trimming the branches to avoid any scratches or other damage.

Clogged Drains: Check all the drains in and around to ensure that they are not clogged by any debris like leaves or gravel build-up. Plugged drains can lead to water ponding which may cause severe deterioration of the roof. To keep your roof in top shape, you need to clean and maintain the gutter and drainage system of the roof.

Flashings: Always check for loose metal from wind damage especially after heavy storm or wind. Also, check the joint quality and adhesion of existing caulking. It is better to contact a professional roofer in such cases to make sure that your flashings are in place and properly working to avoid any future waterproofing and wind issues.

Curbs Punctures: Check membrane flashing details around HVAC units, ductwork and other curb types for any punctures or openings. Punctures can develop Overtime with continuous stress and movement of the equipment. These areas are more likely to get damaged with maintenance workers accessing to service HVAC units.

In order to keep your flat roof healthy and at its best, one has to stay proactive with the necessary maintenance and care it requires. Get your roof inspected and maintained frequently in order to avoid any major damage. Groom and Co, being the leading flat roofing company in London offers various roofing services like repair, maintenance, installation, re-roofing and many more. With our team of well-skilled workers, we will leave no stones unturned in installing and maintaining your roof Properly. We take pride in providing quality materials and workmanship at affordable prices. Call us now to get a free quote.