5 ways to prevent roof damage in winters

The roof is your constant savior from the outer world. It protects you and your building from natural hazards. As it takes care of you, you need to take care of it. Winter is around and you should look after your roof to prevent winter damage.

Here we sharing 5 Tricks to help prevent Roof Damage this Winter :

Clean The Gutters– The drainage system and gutter collects the water and drain it away from your roof. Make sure you clean off all the debris and leaves from the gutter as standing water can freeze during winters which can cause damage to your roof and gutter. Also with standing water mold and mildew also approaches your roof causing harm to it.

Replace Missing Shingles – Look for any missing or damaged shingle as it can cause moisture and leaks in your attic causing harm to your roof and interior of your house. Repair or replace the shingles before the winters to protect your roof from any damage.

Remove Icicle–  An improper ventilation in the soffit and irregular insulation can lead to the formation of an icicle on your roof. Fix this problem before the winters arrives as icicle can cause damage to your roof. Also if there is a formation of an icicle on your roof, call a roofer to get rid of it.

Preventing Ice Dams – Inappropriate insulation and moisture hurdle can cause ice dams. Fix this problem before the winters and add an extra insulation to prohibit the creation of ice dams on your roof.

Pest Control– In winters many birds, insects and small creatures like squirrels, bats, rats etc can make a hideout on your roof to get some warm shelter. They can chew and rot your roof and also can enter your building causing damage to both roofs and your interior belongings. They can also destroy your insulation and wiring of electrical equipment causing moisture in your roof. So get a pest control done and block all the entry points to protect your property.

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