Comparison between flat roofing and pitched roofing

Roofs are one of the biggest investment in the buildings. It not only adds value to your buildings but also protects you and your building from natural hazards. When installing a new roof, it gets very tough to decide which roof is more suitable for your domicile.

All the roofs have various pros and cons. Here we are giving you a brief comparison between flat roofing and pitch roofing.

Pros of Flat Roofs :

The compact design of flat roofs makes them suitable for garages and extensions.

Though they don’t have the same degrees of the sloped roof they are made with a little slope that enables the rainwater to drain away.

Flat roofs are very much affordable than any other roofs. It requires lesser construction and labor costs and also it can be installed in a lesser amount of time.

Flat roofs are low maintenance as it is easy to clean, inspect or repair the flat structure than a sloped structure.

Pros of Pitched Roofs :

Pitched roofs are more durable than flat roofs. The materials used in pitch roofs are more weather resistant. Though flat roofing market is also Evolving with better materials.

The highly sloped angle of pitched roofs makes it easier for the rainwater to drain away and prevents pooling.

The design of pitched roofs provides lots of space to transform into the bedroom, study room, hobby room or a lounge.

The pitched roof looks so elegant and is recognizable around the world. If you are looking for a classic and charming roof which can add value to your home, opt for pitched roofs.

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