Flat roof repair: stop making small problems a big one

Your roof is one of the key element of your domestic or commercial property. Neglecting your roof can lead to major damage and repair work. You need to ensure that all repair work is done before the damage becomes too significant, which will force you to replace your roof. Here are a few small problems and their solutions with which you can avoid the major destruction’s.

Leaks: Leaks are the worst nightmares of the homeowners. It can happen at any time and in the smallest of the place. Sometimes the leaks are visible and Other times you won’t know about any pooling water until your roof gives in.

Solution: You cannot put a bucket under every leakage, this is not the solution. Call a professional roofer and get your roof inspected to troubleshoot the issue. Also, regular maintenance will reduce the risk of leaks on the roof.

Ponding: Ponding or standing water forms a puddle on the roof which can cause severe damage to your roof. It can also cause severe damage to the interior of your building and ceiling might collapse.

Solution: Make sure that the drainage system of the roof is working properly and there is no blockage of the drains. Make the use of your roofing insulation as well. Ask your roofing contractor to ensure that the flashings are placed correctly to avoid any leaks.

Blistering: It occurs when a gas or water gets trapped within the plies of the roof membrane. With the rise in temperature, the gas or water vapor expands and pushes out on the membrane, creating bubbles or raised strips called blisters.

Solution: Have blisters seen to immediately in order to prevent any further damage to your roof And call a professional immediately if you see blisters Or always get your roof installed by professional and experienced roofing contractors.

Billowing And Blow-Offs: If your flashing was not installed correctly, you won’t only be dealing with leaks But also Poorly attached flashing is more likely to being lifted or even blown off if strong winds are in the area. This can cause serious damage to your roof.

Solution: Hire a professional contractor when installing a new roof. A licensed contractor will know the importance of quality materials and workmanship.

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