Flat roofing specialist

Groomnco is a flat roofing specialist for not only providing flat roofing services for domestic properties but also for commercial and industrial businesses. We are a family run business with an experience of 50 years. We have been offering roofing services including installations, repairs, maintenance, re-roofing and everything else. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and government- approved roofers in London and home countries.

Many businesses and residents are built with a flat roof, which makes it very necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the flat roof due to the piling snow and leaks. Well you might need a professional roofer for this task. Our skilled crew will do all the repair, installation and maintenance work for you. Our diligent team undergoes frequent training to learn new techniques, technologie,  and eco-friendly methods.  We will perform an expert inspection of your current roof structure and conditions along with the examination of the moisture on the roof.  If we find any damage, we will remove the damaged part from the roof membrane and will upgrade the membrane flashings. Als,o we will work on the surface-upgrading as in application of roof primer, asphal,  and new gravel to restore your roof to make it new.The durabilityy of roofs depends upon the quality of materials used during the process so we bring out the best material for you.

Groomnco is a big and experienced firm which can resolve any number of issues you have with your roofing. We take pride in delivering high standard roofing solutions to our clients and have successfully worked on various projects in our area .As a leading company, we consistently offer top quality service and workmanship on all types of roofs. Our customer-friendly team can provide help in every stage of the project; from developing the concept of being responsible for the maintenance afterwards. Our main aim is to provide quality services to our customers.  Every job which we carry out,  with our devoted roofer and dedicated team,  you can be assured of outstanding services and  professionalism. We have built our reputation by providing stellar services within affordable and flexible prices. Call us now to get free quotes and we will reach you on the appointed time. We can guarantee full customer satisfaction with our supreme assistance.