How do you remove and prevent Ice Dams?

Winters are here along with the major threat of Ice Dams. An ice dam is a rib of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.

Even If you’ve never had an ice dam before, You still have to be prepared as they can form anytime under certain conditions. Precaution is the key to be stress free of these problems and enjoying your holiday well.

Firstly, the causes of the ice dams:

Poor insulation and ventilation : If the insulation is poor, there would be no proper ventilation which will lead the warm air to leak into the attic causing the snow to melt.  And then around the edges which is generally cool,  water can freeze again forming ice dams.

Fluctuation in weather: If the temperature rises in the day and then falls in night,  it can cause frequent freezing and melting, thus forming ice dams.

Snow Piles: Thick snow piles can combine with other condition to form an ice dam.

Now comes the prevention:

Roof Rake: Remove the snow with the help of the roof rake which is a flat shovel with a long pole which allows you to pull the snow down, standing on the ground.  Snow removal before the snow starts melting or freezing will prevent the formation of ice dams.

Heat Cables: Install electric heat cables along with the edges of the roof  so that the snow can melt before the formation of the ice dams.

Attic insulation: The best way to avoid the ice dams is to improve the insulation.  Use advanced insulators and focus on sealed gaps,  realign the improper insulation, stop drizzling warm air from light fixtures and electric outlets.

Attic Ventilation: In order to keep your attic cool,  install ventilatiors like soffit vents, attic ventilator fans, and turbine ventilators.

Clean gutters: Keep the gutters clean before the winters arrive.  Remove all the debris and leaves so that the melted water can drain off.

If you have have water leakage or formation of ice dams , Call a professional immediately to avoid any further damage. Ice dams can make it difficult for you to climb the roof so it’s better to call an experienced roofing contractor. Well,  Groom and Co is a prominent roofer in Chislehurst and around offering several roofing services like re-roofing,  maintenance,  installation,  repair and more.  We have a team of professional and dedicated workers who are highly experienced in respective fields either it be roof installation or ice-dam removal. Our work hours are flexible with affordable prices. We take pride in providing quality services to our clients.  Call us now to get a free quote and enjoy our outstanding services.