How to know whether to repair, patch or replace your roof

The roof is an important asset of your building which protects everything beneath it from the poor weather conditions. Roof damage is a common problem for all the homeowners as no roof lasts forever and it might need some extra care to perform for longer durations. Regular inspection and maintenance will good for both your property and your wallet. You may know the warning signs but how will you decide whether to repair or replace the roof.

Well, Groom and Co are one of the leading roofers in Beckenham providing various roofing services like re-roofing, repair, replacement, maintenance, installation and what not. Here we are providing you with a guide to get an idea of what kind of work is needed to get your roof back to the excellent state.

Finding the problems : Firstly you need to find out the common red flags of roof damage like missing shingles, discoloration, rot, indoor leaking, water spots on the ceiling and walls. To recognize these signs, A regular survey and inspection should be done, especially after any hail or storm.

Repair or patch : If you find any minor damage like damage to few shingles because of the wind or branch, missing tiles or shingles, one isolated leakage or anything small, it’s better to repair and avoid the extra expense of roof replacement.

Consider the age of your roof, if your roof is new and young, chances are you can repair the roof. Also if it’s under the warranty period, you can contact your roofer and ask them to repair the damage. Consider when and how the damage took place, if it happened because of weather conditions like storm or hail recently, it can be repaired or patched easily.

Repair and patch-ups are the best way to extend the life of your roof without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Replace: No roof lasts forever, and someday you might have to change or replace your roof.  If you find any major damage on the roof surface like large patches of discoloration, large areas of curling or missing shingles or tiles, debris from shingles clogging gutters or anything big, it’s better to replace your roof and cut the cost of expensive roof repairs frequently.

If your roof is old and has crossed the warranty period, you should immediately get your roof replaced. The older the roof, the repairs will be less efficient and more costly.

Consider the damage of the roof as damages can be repaired only up to certain levels, if the damage is happening frequently, it’s better to replace it.

If you find a lots of water damage and leakage inside your domicile, call for a professional roofer and replace your roof as soon as possible.

Being the prominent roofer in Beckenham and home countries, we provide quality services to our clients. We consider your roof as our roof and work for customer satisfaction. Call us now and get a free quote. Enjoy our outstanding services with the most affordable prices in the market.