How to safely remove the snow from the roof?

It is that time of the year again, cold breeze, snow falls, and winter storms. Snow all around may seem serene but the problems which come with snowfall is hard to ignore. Especially when your roof gets covered with snow, it is an alarming sign. The extra weight on the roof can cause severe damage to the roof parts. Ice dams and icicle during winters are the main threat to the homeowner as it causes leakage and damage to the interior of the house as well. If you want to prevent serious structural damage to your property, it is highly important to take a few safety measures to remove snow from your home.

In this article, we will share some helpful roofing tips to remove the snow from your rooftop :

Know the time for snow removal: As long as the snow is light in weight and not heavy, your roof and house is safe. If there is wet snow on your roof, it is the time to take an action as wet snow is heavy and cause severe damage to the rooftop. Listen to the forecast for the details on snowfall in your area or check it yourself by shoveling it from the ground and know the weight.

Use proper snow removal equipment: Use roof rakes for clearing snow off from the roof as it can reach the top and you don’t have to use any ladder. Using ladders during the snowfall can be very risky and leads to several accidents. But if there is too much of heavy snow, don’t hesitate in calling a professional roofer.

The right technique: Improper use of roof rakes, shovels, and other tools might cause damage to the roof or shingles. Use plastic roof rakes instead of metal roofs to avoid severe damage. Work from the overhangs upwards towards the peak and remove a small amount of snow at a time.

Don’t Climb the roof: As mentioned earlier, climbing the roof with the ladder can be extremely dangerous. You might slip off the roof and injure yourself badly if you are not properly trained. Only remove snow from the ground level and focus on the overhangs to prevents ice dams.

Hire a snow removal expert: If you want it to do safely and effectively, hire a professional roofer to clear it for you. Our team of experts at groomnco, are highly skilled and provides snow removal services using high-grade tools and equipment. We can help you get the snow off your property safely, securely and at an affordable prices and flexible timings. Call us now to get a free quote and enjoy our hassle free services.