Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

Winter is around the corner and you must be ready with your warm sweaters and coffee. But is your roof winter ready? Your roof is an important segment for the protection of your home and property. It keeps you warm and protected from the outer environment and a small inspection can help you to avoid any winter’s emergency. An inspection and survey will help you with keeping your roof clean and identifying any damage which can be improved and repaired.

Here are a few points and steps which you should consider while doing an inspection –

Shingles- Check if there is any missing, loose, cracked, broken, curling, lifting, or otherwise damaged shingles. Replace the damaged or missing shingle by matching it your roof to prevent further damage.

Re-Seal – While inspecting if you find any hole in the flashings, chimney, vents,  or anywhere else re-seal if with a roofing sealant so water doesn’t assemble under them and freeze in the cooler temperatures.

Drainage- All the drains must be cleaned of debris and leaves so that the water can pass easily. Standing water might freeze in winters and would cause damage to gutters, soffit, fascia, siding, and other roof parts.

Attic- Ventilation in the attic is very much important so inspect it before the winters. In winters the hot attic will create an excess of moisture which can cause damage to the attic and the roof parts. Insulation also plays a major role to guard the heat loss which may cause ice damming and other condensation issues.

Trees and branches- Overhanging branches might cause damage to the shingles during heavy wind and hail. Remove the branches so protect your roof from any damage. Also mowing the trees can prevent the leaves to clog the gutters.

As we know, inspecting and repairing of roofs seems easy with DIY methods but it is very difficult to cope with it. Especially if there is any major issue, you must call a professional and reliable roofer to look after it. If you think your roof needs an inspection and any repair or maintenance work, Groom and Co are there to help you. We are leading roofers with an experience of 50 years. We offer various roofing services like re-roofing, maintenance and repair, lead roofing, tile roofing, flat roofing and what not. Our team of experts will make sure to keep your roof healthy and maintained. Our workers are highly skilled and friendly who ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction. Call us now to get a free quote and enjoy our hassle-free services.