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If you are looking for someone who is expert at garden landscaping then Groom & Co is your right choice. Having over 50 years of experience in the trade  Groom & Co pride ourselves on the elegant finish that we always leave our projects in. we believe the landscaping to any property is the first impression, this is why we ensure on making the front garden/back garden or any other form of landscape that may occur to yourself is Tip Top to ensure that we deliver that unique cherry on the top to any property to having the best curb appeal in your neighbourhood.

Experience the Groom & Co.'s garden landscaping

At Groom & Co we value our long-term relationships with our clients. That is why we make sure to provide the highest standard and quality service. We take pride in serving residential and commercial landscaping and gardening. From upgrading an existing landscape to building a completely new one, our experienced and expert team will fix and build the environment you want. From thoughtful ideas, detailed planning and close collaboration between the homeowner and our expert team we create can an alluring landscape. Our gardening services include landscaping architecture & landscape design, landscape development & landscape execution, landscape maintenance, Garden designing and Plants nursery services.

Outdoor Landscape & garden environment

At Groom & Co we can design and build a distinctive outdoor landscape and garden environment that will give enjoyment for years with a pleasant look and peace of mind with a beautiful landscape architect. If you are interested in residential landscaping and gardening or commercial landscaping and gardening, Groom & Co has the experienced landscape architect and designing staff to meet your needs.

Our team are there to work for you day and night. We respect your decisions on spend and you will be regularly updated on our progress. Just call 08006444777. Our Garden landscaping rates are fixed and competitive and You don’t have to pay any extra or congestion charges.

With our 50 years of experience and certified professionals, we complete delivering our service of upgrading an existing landscape, building a completely new one or fixing any repairs at the stipulated time frame. Our landscaping team will discuss the options and the costs involved and will let you decide how much you spend. We are available throughout the year and day to respond to your needs. We want you to share our confidence in the quality of the work our professionals do.


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