Lead roofing in London

Here a groom & co, we offer a wide range of lead roofing services in London and home countries. We are a family based building and maintenance business that has been trading for more than 50 years now. No matter whatever your roofing requirements are, our dedicated crew will fulfil your needs. We are the most reliable roofers who will treat your roof as our own and will not disappoint you with our unexcelled solutions.

Lead roofing is one of the most conventional forms of the roof which has been used for many years. Lead is a very popular roofing material which has a long life span, durability and, flexibility. It is corrosion free and offers strength, timeless design and supreme quality for roofs, windows, cornices, lead-welded gutter girths and what not. There are various types of lead roofing, such as milled, sand cast, and machine cast, making it highly versatile and suitable for different buildings. We have a team of skilled craftsman who will carry out the fitting and installation of roofs. Our lead specialists have dexterity and erudition to perform the task professionally without disrupting in your privacy. They undergo regular training and practices for learning the skills and techniques for providing the best to their clients.  Our expertise has a lot of experience in lead roof fitting and they can choose a perfect lead roof and quality materials for either commercial building or household. Lead roofing is suitable for any kind of building including churches, houses, office buildings and many more. We believe in the sustainable development and lead is one of the most eco-friendly material in the market as it is resistant to corrosion.  It is recyclable and is contemplated as one of the greenest building materials with a very low carbon traces. It lasts for years, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and add values to your home or commercial property.

At Groomnco, Our crew will perform every roofing task including repair, installation, re-roofing and maintenance matching your standards. We value your time and money and work in the most cost-effective manner in the most convenient time for you. We only use high-quality leads and roofing materials to ensure your roof lasts for decades. We will help you in every stage and will deliver the quote as soon as you contact us. We have been providing satisfactory and optimum services to our clients for many years now and are renowned for providing superlative quality services.