Never forget these roofing tips

Roofs are your best friend and protects you from various natural hazards and animals. It is very important to take care of your roof. In addition to the scheduled roofing maintenance by professional roofers, You should also perform some regular maintenance in order to keep your roof in good shape.

Here are the few tips which you should never forget:

Keep your roof and gutters clean: Clear the debris and leaves from your roof either by yourself or hire a professional roofer. Keep the trees around your home trimmed to reduce the leaves that fall on the roof and avoid the scratches on the roof shingles. Gutters should be cleaned as well.  Remove all the organic matter and check out the gutter for any leaks or holes.

Perform frequent roof inspection: Conduct Inspections every six months to prevent severe issues.  Start it from the ground level,  use your binoculars and inspect parts like valleys, penetrations and roof edges for signs of damage. Inspect every bit of the main area for cracked, curling or missing shingles. Make a note of all the issues you find and fix it with the help of the roofer.

Treat for moss, alga,  and lichen: Growing Moss,  algae and lichen can cause severe damage to your rooftopp. Especially during summers,  they can grow into the shady areas of the roofs. Get these remove with the help of the roofing contractors.

Ensure the insulation in the attic: Improper insulation can cause the formation of ice dams during winters which can cause damage to the roofs and the shingles as well. In summers, the insulation helps to protect against this damage by keeping the heat in your home from escaping through the roof. So make sure that your attic has proper insulation.

Check the caulk and Flashings: Flashings around the chimney and vent pipes prevent water from leaking into your home. To ensure the flashing on your roof can provide protection against water leaks, you should inspect and replace the caulk on an annual basis.

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