Pitch Roofers Orpington

Replacing Or Installing the roof is a big investment, and a new pitched roof can add up the value to your property. Also, a regular maintenance and inspection are required for the roofs to protect them. Combining our 50 Years of expertise, Groom and Co are the leading pitch roofers in Orpington and home countries who can assist you in all your roofing task. We are a family run- business and provides services like installation of different kinds of roofs i:e Lead roofs, flat roods, tile roofs etc along with the re-roofing, repair and maintenance services.

Pitched roofs are famous in London because of the climate as in pitch roof the rainwater clears much faster than any other roof. Also pitched roofs are easy to install at it can have varying angles to suit the building type and the area. At Groom and Co, we are glad to offer an substantial range of pitched roofs and services. Our workers are experts in pitch roofing with a good experience as they have worked on many big and small-scale projects. They also undergo continuous training to learn new technologies and Green methods which they combine with the traditional approach to give the perfect outcome. The acquire all the knowledge of the roofing materials for its proper usage and can advise on the various angles and types of roofing tile available. We use quality products to ensure the durability and longevity of the Roofs.  From the beginning to the end, our expertise will look after the project and will leave no space for you to doubt our splendid services. We work quickly, safely and neatly with all the insurance and policies required to avoid any kind of mishappenings. Whether you’re looking for a new pitched roof or repair and maintaining the existing one, we can guarantee supreme services to our clients. Our team will reach out to you on the appointed time without creating any fuss.

As London’s prominent roofers we take pride in Providing quality services to our customers. With our extreme dedication and team of specialists, we have gained a remarkable reputation in the Industry. We have a portfolio of fully-satisfied clients who were happy with our outstanding services. To ensure the durability, we go the extra mile to ensure that you get a roof of your choice which lasts long. Our prices are very competitive and affordable as we understand the value of your money. We can also provide quotes and Survey reports for your roof. Choose our diligent team for a variety of roofing services and call us now.