Quick Fixes For Leaking Roof

Roof Leaking is what every homemaker is afraid of as Roof is your shield from the exterior world.  Maintenance of roof is the top priority of all the homeowners because roofs are the most exposed part of the building. It suffers the most wears and tears and is the least accessible segment of the domicile. You can mend simple damages with some DIY methods but you’ll need a professional roofer for bigger problems.

Groomnco is presenting you some quick fixes for leaking roofs to avoid major defilement.

  1. Finding a roof leak

Tracking down the roof is harder than repairing it. Start finding it from inside the home as you can find the missing shingles which makes it easier to find the problem. With the help of flashlight you can find a whole through which life is coming and hence you can detect the leakage.  The most usual causes of leaks are plumbing and chimney vents, exhaust flues, skylights and dormers. As the  time passes the flashing and other seals around the following  items can weaken, come loose or erode regulating rain and snow to trickle in. Roof leaks can be caused by more clear signals as well like missing or aging shingles, holes, collapsing chimneys or choked gutters.

  1. Roof Flashing Repair

Use nails to secure the flashing after you have found the leakage. Remove the damaged shingles. You have to remove several shingles to replace the flashing so do it carefully. With the help of the nails, fix the new flashings. Use a roofing sealant to make it weather resistant.

  1. Fix small holes

Little holes in the shingles can cause leakage and rot to the roof. Before these hoLes causes big damages fill the holes with caulk or flashing.

  1. Replacing roof bents boots

Replace the roof bents boots by removing the nails on the shingles surrounding the boots. Install the new collar and use a roofing sealant under the shingles to fight against water. Then fix it with the nails and you are done.

  1. Walls and Dormers Repair

Most of the times problem lies in the caulk so with the help of a knife remove the old caulk and put a new silicon latex caulk. And if the siding is cracked or missing then remove it with the new one.

  1. Gutter Fixes

This is the easiest roof fixing task to do as you just have to remove the dust, leaves and debris from the gutter especially after or before any storm.

Well every once in a while inspect your roof. If the problem is small then try some DIY methods and you can save a lot of money. But if the issue seems to be big then call for the professional help asap as roof needs all the care alike your interior part.