Residential Roofing

With 50 Years of experience, you can rely on Groom and Co for all your roofing problems.  We are a family run business offering various roofing solutions like roof-installation,  repair,  maintenance, and re-roofing.  We are an established roofing contractor operating throughout the London and surrounding areas.  Whether you are looking for a company to undertake commercial,  industrial or residential roofing, you have come to the right place.

Having a roof over your head is the biggest blessing.  It protects your building and family from all kind of natural hazards, animals, and whatnot. We understand the importance of your roof and will leave no stones unturned to keep your roof upgraded.

We operates with both a professional and personal approach.  All our work is carried by the team of professionals who are well skilled and have knowledge of roofing techniques. Also, they undergo continuous training programmes to learn new methods and usage of new technologies to provide better results to our clients.  Our diligent team can find the right material and products which are suitable for the slope and the structure of the roof of your domicile. We offers a complete evaluation of residential roofs along with free estimates and quotes. All our roofers are accredited registered so you can get assured of quality work and customer satisfaction.

Being a prominent name in the roofing industry,  groom and co takes pride in providing supreme services to the clients. We aim to provide a complete line of quality products and materials suited to any budget. We not only diagnose the condition of your existing roof but also provide qualified recommendations and affordable roofing solutions. Our hard work over the years providing outstanding services has paid off.  Not only our customers appreciate our standards but the industry too has rewarded us. With our devoted team and workmanship, we have become one of the most reputed companies across London. We don’t make clients,  we make friends.  Our friendly crew will keep you informed from the beginning to the end of the project. We care about your roof because we care about you.  Call us now to get free quotes and enjoy our hassle-free services.