Roof insulation and ventilation

Roofs are the most delicate part of the domicile. It needs to be in robustness and good shape to protect the interior and exterior of the building. Apart from the maintenance and repair, the two major concern points of the roof are ventilation and insulation. It is a mistake to believe that all ventilation and insulation is good – the more the better.

Insulation :

The insulation of roofs is a necessity, as it responds to climate changes. It improves the comfort of the residents of the building and cuts the cost of heating. The main purpose of the insulation is to create a barricade around the building and parts including the roof, it helps in reduction of the amount of heat entering in the building during summers and reduced the amount of heat loss during winters. Good insulation can stop the heat to travel from the hotter area towards the cold area.

Insulation also makes the working of air conditioner and heater better. Insulation will stop the heater to run more to bring up the temperature to a comfortable level, as more heat will be retained by the insulation.  On hot days, in a well-insulated building, air conditioner won’t have to run for a longer period as the cool environment inside the building will not be invaded by the by the heat from outside.  Thus, proper insulation can reduce heating and energy bills by 40%.

Ventilation :

Vented attic has the advantage of a long and proven track record.  In winters, the basic purpose of the roof vents is to maintain a cold roof temperature to control or stop the ventilation of ice dams when the snow starts to melt and to vent moisture that moves from the conditioned place to attic. During summers, roof vents help in expelling hot air from the attic to lessen the cooling load of the building.  It prevents the condensation as it stops the moisture buildup, hence prevents the early aging of roofs and parts.

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