Roof Repair in London

Did you notice any missing shingle or tile? The rain is pouring in and you cannot find the solution? Is the gutter clotted?  Well, that’s where we step in. Groom and Co is a leading roofer providing services like roof repairs in London and home countries. We are a family run business with an experience of 50 years.  We do provide services like lead, tile, flat, membrane roofing, re-roofing, maintenance, repairs, installations and what not?

The roof is the most important segment of your building as it ensures the safety of everything beneath it. Protecting your roof is necessary as it protects you for several years from all the kind of weathers and hazards. Groom and Co will deal with all the big and small issues of your roof without creating any fuss. We are used to working with homeowners, contractors, and developers on a variety of projects with different needs and demands, so you can rely on our excellent services. Our diligent workers undergo various training programmes to combine traditional methods with new technologies and to learn eco-friendly techniques as well. They gain all the knowledge of different materials present in the market to use it efficiently and accurately. We can repair and replace damaged or missing shingles, tiles or slate. We can repair and replace flashings, soffits, fascia and many more. We can also look out in the attic to check the insulators and electric wirings and will repair if needed. We can clean the gutter by removing debris so that the water can pass out easily. With a quick survey, we can detect any leakage or damages in your roof and will get it repaired in our first visit only. We can also maintain and replace any kind of roof covering according to your building type and area. In many cases, a small repair to the coverings or roof and parts is all that is needed to prolong the life of your roof and we will not let you waste money on extras.  Our team will reach out to you in the appointed time and will carry out the work without interrupting in your privacy.

As a prominent roofer, we understand the importance of reacting quickly to avoid further damage and worse situations. We are fully insured and licensed team of roofers and take pride in providing quality services. With our affordable prices, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction and happiness. We have gained a remarkable reputation in the market because of our skillful team, outstanding services, and happy customers. When in need of reliable and professional roofer, call us to get a free consultation and quotes. And enjoy our hassle-free services.