Roofing Solutions

Damage roof can be a threat to your entire building. You need to keep your roof safe as it safeguards you from natural hazards and other debris.  Regular maintenance can ensure that your roof doesn’t need repairing anytime soon. Roofs are one of the biggest investment in your property and you need a reliable to get a quality work.

Groom and Co is a licensed and insured roofer famous for proving the best roofing services in Bromley and home countries.  We are a family run business with an experience of 50 years. Do we offer various roofing services including flat roofing, lead roofing, tile roofing, membrane roofing, pitch roofing, re-roofing, maintenance, and repair work and what not? Whether you have a new construction or need an old roof repair, our experts will never fail to provide outstanding services. We have a team of skilled roofers and workers who undergo various skill enhancing and training programmes. They attain all the knowledge of every kind of roofing materials available in the market and use it appropriately during the process.

Do you need an emergency repair? Any roof leakage or sudden damage in your roof? Need a repair of your soffit, fascia or gutters? We are here to provide 24*7 roofing solutions in Bromley and neighboring area. Established in 1957, in this roofing industry, we have gained a reputation for providing amazing services at competitive prices.

We are one of the leading roofers in the country with a vast experience in this field. We are dedicated to providing roofing services and undertake roofing projects of all kinds, either a domestic property or a commercial property. Our passion lies in roofing so we aim to provide efficient services to our clients. We will ensure the durability and longevity of your roof as the roof is the least accessible part of the building. We pride ourselves in the friendly and eminent services we offer. All works are carried by our expertise in order to maintain professionalism. We combine traditional methods with new technologies and provide the most eco-friendly and supreme services to our customers.  We have an extensive portfolio of satisfied and happy customers as we offer the latest products, designs, and innovation. We can match the standard of your home with our excellent roofing solutions.  Our crew will reach you in the appointed team and provide affordable services to you. Call us now to get a free quote and enjoy our hassle free services.