Some Tricks to help prevent roof damage this winter

Winter can bring some wear and tear to your roof and the middle of winters is a really bad time to discover that your roof is damaged or leaking. With winters emerging around the corners, it is the ideal time to inspect the condition of your roof and prepare it for a frosty season. Careful maintenance and survey can boost the endurance of your roof. Also, maintenance and quick repairs are necessary to safeguard the roof against serious damages.

Here are 6 tricks to help prevent the roof damage this winter which you should do before the first snowfall hits :

Frequently Trim the trees: During the winters, overgrown and long branches of the tree can break by the weight of snow and fall on your roof causing holes in your roof. Also, the debris from the tree can get collected in chimney or gutter causing severe problems in winters.

Clean the gutters: Remove the debris and let the water flow out else in winters, the water will freeze and cause several damages to the gutter and other parts of the roof. Also, it can cause problems to the drainage system creating more problems.

Check flashings and shingles: Examine roof shingles as broken or curled shingles can cause moisture in the attic and leakage in the building. Any broken flashings should be sealed well to avoid any further damage or leakage.

Protect your pipes: To avoid the freezing of the pipe, insulate your pipes with pipe insulation materials. During the cold weather, keep the cabinet open to protect your pipes else it can cause serious problems in the roof drainage system.

Remove the snow: The heavy weight of the snow can be dangerous for the roof especially for the sensitive and compromised parts. Melting snow and icicles can cause ice dams which can harm the gutter, shingles or even leakages.

A professional inspection: In winters, the roof can be slippery and walking over the roof can be very risky for any homeowner. You should hire a team of professional roofers who can do a proper survey and inspection of the roof to help you out with all the repair work.

A roof is the most important asset of any home and homemaker. It needs all the care from us as it protects us from natural hazards especially during storms, hails and heavy snowfalls. For a professional survey and maintenance, call Groom and Co as we are the leading roofers in London providing various kinds of roofing services to our clients. We provide flexible, affordable and quality services to all of our customers and work for their satisfaction only. Call us now to get a free quote and enjoy our hassle-free services.