The 5 most common problem areas of your roof

A Roof System can suffer an abundance of problems. With regular inspection and maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your roof in a good shape.  Catching the damage early and repairing it can save you a lot of money.

Here are the 5 most common problem areas of your roof :

Shingles: Shingles are roof coverings which offers protection to the building. Shingles are vulnerable to discoloration and curling.  Missing or broken shingles can cause the wood beneath it receptive to rotting,  holes and other damage.  Discoloration indicates roof leakage and curling shows the lack of ventilation, long nails or improperly installed fasteners. Check your roof frequently and repair or replace the damaged shingle.

Fascia: It is vertical frieze or band under a roof edge. It acts as a layer between the edge of the roof and the outdoor elements like water or snow. It also protects the interior of the building from weather damage. Fascia also makes your roof edge look smooth and gives your roof an aesthetic view. Moisture can cause several issues to fascia so be sure to look for the sign of any rot or damage.

Soffit: It is the exposed surface beneath the hanging section of a roof eave which plays and important role in ventilation thee attic. The smalls holes in soffit profess the circulation of air and drag the moisture and warm air away from the building. It helps in regulating the temperature in the attic. Look for cracks, holes, and rot to avoid the entrance of debris, insect,  and water.

Flashings: Flashings are a strip of metal used to stop water penetrating the junctures of a roof with another surface.  The primary function of the flashing to seal any cavity in the roof system to avoid water leakage. Weather and oxidization are the most common culprits for flashing decay but it is possible that flashing can just simply become loose.

Gutters: Gutters are created to keep the water away from the building and protect integrity. The water and debris can choke the gutter causing mold and mildew under the roof. A cloggedd gutter can cause them to sag away from fascia,  causing problems with the hangers.  The hole in the gutters can also create several issues to fix it with a sealant.

These roofs areas should be regularly inspected in order to provide any major problem.  If you feel hesitant in repairing any of these issues, feel free to call a professional roofer.  Groom and Co are one of the leading provider of roofing services in London. We are very flexible and highly affordable. We believe in providing quality services to our clients and work for customer satisfaction. Call us now to get a free quote and enjoy our outstanding services.