Tile Roofers in Keston

Any building becomes complete and safe only when it gets roofed. A roof shields you from harsh weather conditions, animals and pollution. Choosing the right material for the roof is a very important decision to make. Among various roofing materials available in the market tile roofing is a wonderful choice. Roof tiles are known for their classy look and durability. The conventional roofing tiles were made of either slate or fired clay products. Modern roofing tiles are mostly made of concrete and sometimes plastic. They come in different shapes like flat, curved, interlocked, fluted and more. For over half a century Groom & Co have one of the most experienced team of roofers who have been installing and maintaining tile roofs in Keston.

The benefits of choosing tile roofs are many. A tile roof can last over 100 years if installed and maintained properly. Tile roofs have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Clay, concrete, and slate tiles give you plenty of choices as they come in a wide variety of colours and styles. They enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. Modern tiles are made with natural water-shedding property. As tile roofs are made out of natural materials they are environment-friendly. They can also be recycled. They are an energy-efficient roofing option as they modulate the indoor temperature. They do not need much maintenance like other types of roofs unless they are damaged due to heavy impact.

Groom & Co can provide an expert range of tile roof installation and repair services to Keston. They design and build every aspect of a roof on a new build or refurbishment property. They offer a wider range of tiled roofing options that will showcase you something that suits your tastes and needs. The tile roofing specialists at Groom & Co have great knowledge and have a comprehensive understanding of the material and competency to work with it. With a professional and flawless installation of tile roofs by their experienced roofers, your roof can withstand and last longer in the Keston weather.

The roofers at Groom & Co are certified by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. Their accredited roofers can handle a wide variety of roofing jobs. They will be available for your help round the clock. As they provide free roofing estimate you can decide on what you spend on your roof. Their work comes with a minimum of six months guarantee.