Tile Roofing Specialists in London

Founded in 1968, Groom and Co have built an admirable reputation as one of the leading roofers in London and around. Over the decades, we have installed and repaired thousands of roofs which makes us the most experienced roofing contractor of the country. We are a family run business and have seen generations of our family continue in the roof trading. With a required license, insurance policies, quality materials, and dexterous labor, we can offer years long guarantee.

Tile roofing is visible on the buildings across the world because of its artistic quality and easy installation. They blends with almost every type of building as it is available in different designs and materials. Its versatility makes it a popular roofing solution around the world.

Here at Groom and Co, we work on tiled roofs including repairs, installation, and maintenance. Whether you have a damaged, weather-worn or aged tiled roof, and our work is fully guaranteed with an insurance backed warranties available. Our team is highly skilled as we employ qualified roofers and one who specializes in tiling. Also, they undergo continuous training programmes to learn new methods and technology to provide you with the best possible end product.  We believe in innovative & improved systems as there are many new products out there. We are able to source the appropriate tile roofing to meet your unique requirements within your budget. We always use quality tiles and other materials to ensure that your roof lasts longer. With our diligent and skillful workmanship, you’ll always have the peace of mind.

As a prominent roofer, our objective has always been to remain loyal to our customers and to be honest in the work that we do. We offer services like flat roofing,  lead roofing,  pitch roofing and tile roofing in London along with the maintenance and repair work.  We provide tile roofing services to both domestic and commercial clients including residential homes, school, business premises, large commercial buildings and much more. Our services are highly flexible and affordable in the market. We pride ourselves on a perfect job from beginning to end and keep you informed throughout the process. Not only this, but we also offer the free estimate and quotes with a range of various time slots and payments list.  We are here to help. Call us now and enjoy our hassle-free services.