Why do we need Groom and Co?

Roofs are the most important segment of a building as it protects you from the outer world. And your roof ages with the time and it deserve all the care as it cares for you. Your roof might look good from the ground but it needs the maintenance.  You may be the perfect homemaker and caretaker. And you may have done your best to maintain your roof but you still need to call a professional roofer. Roofing tasks are really difficult and hazardous so it requires an expert to look after the roof.

Groomnco are here to perform your roofing task with minimum fuss.

Here are the few points why you need Groom and Co.

Flat Roofing

It is not easy to decide what kind of roof would be suitable for your building until you have a reliable service provider. Groom and Co are one of the leading flat roofing contractors in London and around.  Flat roofing is not as easy as it might sound to you. It requires a highly skilled team to perform such a task. And at Groom and Co, we offer a professional service as our crew are well-qualified to do all the roofing task and they undergo frequent training to learn new techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.

Lead Roofing

Lead roofing is the most traditional form of roofs which has been used for many years now. Lead roofing is very popular as it is highly durable and flexible with the longest lifespan. It is corrosion free and offers strength and our diligent team will make every effort to install the roof of your choice with all new techniques.

Roof Repair

Leaky roofs are a threat to the homemakers as it destroys everything beneath the roof. We repair everything related to the roof which includes leaky roofs, soffits, fascia, gutters, flashings, gutters, shingles and many more to protect both your exterior and interior building.


We take pride in offering quality service. We use high-quality roofing materials to match the standard. Our team has a vast knowledge of all the different types of material present in the market and they will choose the best material in the appropriate budget.

Eco-Friendly Service

We provide Eco-Friendly services as we care for our environment. We never use a material which is hazardous to nature. Also, our craftsman learns eco-friendly methods and promote sustainable development.

Cost Effective and Time Management

We are highly cost-effective and work in prices competitive to the market. Our services are affordable and we won’t let you waste your money. We work in an organised manner. Our crew will come in an arranged schedule and the time most convenient for you. Also, our team will carry out the work without interfering in your privacy.

Licensed And Insured

We are the most reliable and licensed roofer in London and Home countries. We are highly insured take all the responsibility for the materials and roofs that we install.

We provide free quotations on just a single call of yours. We treat your roof as our own because we understand the importance of your roof. We provide a hassle-free service and work for your happiness and satisfaction.